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Luxury Fabrics Ltd.

John Foster

The John Foster story is much more than that of a company world famous for the creation of quality worsted and worsted/mohair apparel fabrics for almost 200 years.

John Foster built an entire community for his highly skilled workforce around the famous Black Dyke Mills in the heart of the West Yorkshire textile industry. He was an innovator, winning awards for his fabrics at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Today our business continues to innovate and to create fine worsted and mohair fabrics that deliver that British look and are easy and efficient to work with. Taking advantage of new yarns, latest weaving techniques and innovative finishing skills, John Foster fabrics are renowned and recognized for their quality around the World.

Charles Clayton

The Charles Clayton name already speaks for the quality of our luxurious worsted suiting fabrics throughout the world.

By weaving the finest count yarns, often mixing the highest quality merino wool with other luxury noble fibres such as cashmere and silk, we bring you some of the finest, most luxurious worsted cloths. Cloths that are subtly stylish, a pleasure to work into garments, perform consistently and drape well. Garments tailored from Charles Clayton cloth are uplifting and inspiring to wear.

What a bold claim to make! You’ll always find us straight-forward, knowledgeable and easy to deal with – it’s just our way. We take pride in our service to our customers.

A number of factors work in our favour and result in us being able to deliver both competitive prices and fabulously consistent quality.